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A procedure that attempts to correct an uneven concrete surface by altering the foundation that the surface sits upon

Link:Concrete Leveling

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A heavy vehicle used to transfer concrete lane dividers, such as jersey barriers, which are used to relieve traffic congestion during rush hours

Link:Road Zipper

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A floating debris interception device designed to be installed in the water of marinas, yacht clubs, ports and any water body with a calm environment and services available


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A technology used to improve the performance of optical systems by reducing the effect of wavefront distortions: it aims at correcting the deformations of an incoming wavefront by deforming a mirror in order to compensate for the distortion

Link:Adaptive Optics

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A coatings technology combines fast curing, even at very low temperatures, and waterinsensitivity with exceptional mechanical properties, chemical resistance and durability

Link:Polyurea Spray Coatings

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A toilet able to treat human waste on-site without external energy or water. The residual water will be collected and depurated for reuse at the household level in washing or irrigation applications and the residual solids are transported by mechanical screw into a gasifier which will convert them into ash and energy.

Link:Nanotech Membrane Toilet

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Get fresh water out of thin air. Collect water from fog using large pieces of vertical canvas to make the fog-droplets flow down towards a trough below the canvas, known as a fog fence

Link:Fog harvesting

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Harness human body heat to produce energy for small devices

Link:Thermoelectric Fabric

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Automated robotics used in Warehouses to store and retrieve goods and products

Link:Automated storage and retrieval systems

Magnet-driven connecting fittings
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Connect and detach materials on the surface with a cordless drill

Link:Magnet-driven connecting fittings

Urban Manufacturing
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Ideate innovative local small customer oriented products

Link:Urban Manufacturing

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A new Beehive that allows extracting honey without disturbing the bees

Link:Honey on Tap

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An alloy that remembers its original shape and go back to it if heated

Link:Shape-memory alloy (Nitinol)

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A heavy forestry vehicle employed in cut-to-length logging operations for felling, delimbing and bucking trees

Link:Forestry Harvester

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An ink that conducts electricity.

Link:Conductive Ink

Laser Dust Removal1
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Removes contaminants or impurities (dust, carbon, tungsten,...) on the surface of a material by physically removing the upper layer of the substrate using laser irradiation

Link:Laser Dust Removal

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Repels water-based and oil-based liquids making them rolling off without touching the underlying surface.

Link:Hydrophobic Coating

Plastic recycling machine1
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Allow transforming plastic waste into valuable things

Link:Plastic recycling machine

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The 'Chairless Chair' is a body worn exoskeleton, that becomes a chair if desired. The idea is to help employees in the production work.

Link:The Chairless Chair

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A versatile commonplace material that can be used to build any type of product.


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