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A bag from cassava starch that is 100% biodegradable and even edible

Link:Bio-Cassava Bag

Hoola One
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The machine sucks a mixture of sand and plastic into a tank that separates particles by weight, so the plastic can be filtered out. Clean sand and rocks weigh more and sink to the bottom, where they can be returned to the beach. The machine processes around three gallons of sand a minute.

Link:Hoola One

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Ooho is a flexible packaging for beverages and sauces. It’s made from Notpla, our material combining seaweed and plants. Ooho biodegrades in 4-6 weeks, or you can just eat it.


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The 7-meter tall SMOG FREE TOWER uses patented positive ionisation technology to produce smog free air in public spaces, allowing people to breathe and experience clean air for free. It cleans 30.000 m3 per hour and uses a small amount of green electricity.

Link:Smog Free Tower

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The WaterGen company uses humidity to generate water.

Link:WaterGen GENius

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