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An underwater greenhouse where grouw vegetables without needs of water, constant temperature and insects free

Link:Nemo’s Garden

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Get fresh water out of thin air. Collect water from fog using large pieces of vertical canvas to make the fog-droplets flow down towards a trough below the canvas, known as a fog fence

Link:Fog harvesting

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A form of concrete known for its light weight made from cement and Expanded Polystyrene

Link:Expanded polystyrene concrete

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An electronic device used to combine, route, and change the dynamics, equalization and other properties of multiple audio input signals, using digital computers rather than analog circuitry

Link:Digital Mixing Console

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A racket and ball sport played on a circular field

Link:360 Ball

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A direct communication pathway between an enhanced or wired brain and an external device.

Link:Brain Machine Interface

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A test that detects changes in the structure of certain blood proteins can diagnose many types of cancer with high accuracy

Link:Cancer Biomarkers

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A robot that mix your favorite drink in a perfect way

Link:Bionic Bartenders

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Harness human body heat to produce energy for small devices

Link:Thermoelectric Fabric

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An architecture that seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and development space and the ecosystem at large.

Link:Sustainable Architecture

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Automated robotics used in Warehouses to store and retrieve goods and products

Link:Automated storage and retrieval systems

Magnet-driven connecting fittings
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Connect and detach materials on the surface with a cordless drill

Link:Magnet-driven connecting fittings

Urban Manufacturing
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Ideate innovative local small customer oriented products

Link:Urban Manufacturing

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A standard drop ceiling that charges electrical devices

Link:Wireless charging ceiling tile

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They are a type of glasses that allow color blind people to see colors

Link:Color Blind Glasses

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Contact lenses that add extra capabilities to the eye such as enhance vision and collect data about the body health

Link:Smart Contact Lenses

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A software that translate one language into another instantly

Link:Realtime language translation

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Check your blood glucose levels without having to prick your finger

Link:FreeStyle Libre

Edge Computing1
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Allow very artificially intelligent object to be part of the IoT

Link:Edge Computing

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Provide the perfect pet made of an artificially intelligent machine

Link:Robotic Pet

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